Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Let's get into the week-end with a heavy rocking soundtrack selected for you by our very own stage beast and talented bassist @erick.tekilla!

The man himself has some words for you:

"Here's a short list of some of the rock and metal Gods I've adored for many years since I was a child and still love and admire today. They have not only shaped my playing style but also the person I am today. So if you ever wondered what kind of music I listen to. These are my top favourites. Among them there are some musicians whom I know in person and have admired them for a long time and still do.

Big shout to Uriah Heep! That's a band I really admire because they still rock after all these years and keep producing top quality rock🤘🏻

And another shout out to the mighty Inglorious who are also another top quality British band.

Rock on 🤘🏻💀🤘🏻"

Find Erick's selection over Spotify & Youtube!

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3nAqdVO

Youtube: https://bit.ly/3lmuo5Q