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With 'The Zeramin Game' being released in just a few hours now, we thought you'd like to hear the music that inspired Billy to write the album!

In his own words:

"Here is a collection of songs which have influenced me heavily throughout my early days as a rock/heavy metal fan, as well as during the writing of our debut album "The Zeramin Game". I've always listened to many different genres of music, but here I have focussed on power metal with a splash of progressive rock. I've always loved progressive music, and this influence is clear when you look at some of our track lengths! I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I've enjoyed these songs over so many years."

Find the man's inspirational selection, including great tracks from Dragonforce, HammerFall, Dream Theater and of course ReinXeed, now Majestica over Spotify & Youtube!



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