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Artwork & Tracklist Reveal

Progress in the studio continues and we are happy to say the album is very close to being finished and ready for release later this year.

But for now, we have something super cool to show you, the cover art for the album is finished, and we couldn't be happier to share this with you, as well as the final tracklist and run time!

1 - In Exordium

2 - Overture

3 - The Land of Xia

4 - Zera's Shadow

5 - Some Day Soon

6 - Destiny

7 - Across the Seas

8 - Arrival

9 - A Hooded Traveller

10 - Fowlen's Revenge

11 - The Zeramin Game

12 - Finale

Total running time - 68 minutes

Once again we also want to thank everyone for their endless patience while we get this album finished, although we fell short of our crowdfund goal we have pulled together everything we can to make sure everything moves forward, and despite some setbacks caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we are still very much planning to release the album later this year, and will get a solid date down as well as possible!

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